Tipping Guide

There are two ways to view tipping. From the point of view of the one doing the tipping and the point of view of the one being tipped.

Because, for most people, tipping is something you don't find the need to do very often in your daily lives, you may find it uncomfortable, embarrasing or even irritating. This is well characterized by a statement I read in another publication recently. It stated that...."From the time you get off the airplane at McCarren until you get back on to go home, you will encounter people with their hand out." .... Even if you are one of the more enlightened people who don't view it this way, it may still seem bewildering as to when to tip and how much.

From the point of view of the people giving you service, there is another aspect that you may not know. The hotels and service companies at all levels, expect you to tip their people and so reduce what they are willing to pay them. Most of the service professionals that you will encounter, including food and cocktail waiters & waitresses, casino dealers, casino change people, maids, cab and limo drivers, parking valets and many others are paid, either at or close to, minimum wage. They depend on the tips they receive to actually earn a living and raise their families. It is these same people who often get stiffed (not tipped) and/or treated rudely when people take their bad luck out on them.

This doesn't mean that everyone earns the tip they expect, but when they do work for you and have earned it, tipping is more than just a reward, it is their bread and butter. If you decide that someones service is worth the tip they are working for, the following guideline should be helpful.

• Airport Porters
& Skycaps

The suggested rate is $1 per bag they handle for you.

• Cab Drivers

The suggested rate is;

If the fare is over $10, tip the change and $2 or $3.

If the fare is under $10, tip the change and $1 or $2.

If he handles your bags, suggests a good place to eat or play, or over all goes above and beyond, add a couple more dollars depending on how much help he has been.

If it appears he is taking a long, round-a-bout route to raise the fee or is rude and unhelpful, reduce the tip accordingly.

• Shuttle Bus Drivers

If a driver handles your bag for you, $1 or $2 per bag is usual. If not, it is at your discretion based on helpfulness, friendliness, etc.

• Parking Valets

Suggested rate is $1 to $3 when you pick up your car, depending on how fast they are.

• Hotel Bellhops

Suggested rate is $1 to $2 per bag when the bags are delivered to your room on arrival or placed in the car on leaving.

• Hotel Maids

Suggested rate is $1 to $2 per day of your stay at the end of your stay. The amount depends on how much work they must do for you, making the bed, bringing extra towels, etc. I believe that it is better, however, to tip daily. Not only is it likely that you will have different maids at different times throughout your stay, but tipping daily gives them incentive to insure that you are well taken care of.

• Room Service

Suggested rate is $3 to $5 depending on how much you order and how fast you get it.

• Pool Attendants

For services that usually include providing you with a towel, finding you a lounge chair, etc. the suggested rate is $1. More for extra service.

• Restaurant

Suggested rate is the same as any other city. 15% for most places or 20% for higher end. You can adjust the amount up or down based on the level of service and attentiveness of the server.

• Buffet

Most buffets have servers that take care of drinks and special needs or requests. The suggested rate is $2 to $5 depending on how attentive they are and how many are in your party.

• Cocktail Waitresses

Whether you are playing nickel slots, the tables or anywhere else in the casino, the cocktail waitress spends her time serving you. The drinks are free so it doesn't hurt you to reward the waitress for her service. The suggested rate is $1 per trip, more if there are several people in your party that she is also serving. You can use casino chips or cash to tip with.

• Bartenders

If sitting at the bar or getting your drinks directly from the bartender, the suggested rate is $.50 to $1 per drink per person. For a large party, add a couple dollars for each round.

• Slot or Change

If you play slots, you will be served by slot or change attendants. They will provide your change, pay your jackpots, service your machine if necessary. They will also, if you treat them well, do their best to direct you to what they consider the best machines at that time. Be sure to tip them if you win well. A couple of dollars is always appreciated, more if you hit really well.

• Keno Runners

Tip the keno runners when you have a winner or if they provide particularly fast service. The amount would depend on how much you win or how big you're playing. Please remember, do NOT take it out on the runner if you are not picking the right number today!

• Showroom Captain
or Maitre d'

If you are in a room that has assigned seating, a couple of dollars for the courtesy of showing you to your seat is good enough. If, however, the Maitre d' or Captain determine where everyone sits, you will want to tip in order to better you seating. The best way is to tip $5 to $20 depending on how good a seat you want and how expensive the show is. Have the bill already out of your wallet and folded in your hand so that the denomination shows when they approach to seat you. Place it into the palm of his hand when you ask to be seated in the area you are looking for.

Please Note! I would like to clear something up here about casino dealers. I have watched them take tremendous abuse when someone is having a bad run of luck. I have watched people who are doing well, stop tipping if they don't win every time they tip the dealer. The fact is that dealers can not make you win or lose. What they can do, and most of them strive very hard for, is to help you enjoy the game! They can help you understand a game, explain rules and/or proceedures of the house, be your cheerleader and generally help you enjoy your time at their table. If you understand this, both you and your dealer will enjoy your time at the table much more. With this in mind, the following are recommended procedures and levels of tipping your casino dealers.

• Craps Dealers

There are two ways to tip dealers. Out-right tip, or place a bet for them to get them in on the action. (Most dealers prefer to get in on the action).

Out-right tip - When you are done with your session, simply throw 5% to 10% of any winnings on to the layout and tell them "it's for the boys". (Please remember, a dealer can not take anything directly out of your hand.)

Get them in on the action - There are a couple ways to bet for them.

1. Throw a chip or two on to the layout and tell them which hardway to bet it on "for the boys", or tell them to place their favorite "for the boys".

2. Place a chip next to yours on the Pass Line. This Pass Line bet for the dealers will usually acknowledge the bet by saying "Dealers on the line".

3. If you are playing a proposition bet, you can include an extra chip for the dealers. Tell the stick man to place "one for the boys".

• Other
Game Dealers

There are the same two ways to tip dealers on other table games, out-right and in the action.

Black Jack
Out-right tip - place the chip on the felt and slide it past the betting circle towards the dealer and say "for you".

In the action - place the bet for the dealer, either, in the betting circle directly in front of your bet or directly outside the betting circle in front of your bet.

Out-right tip - place the tip on the table on the dealers side of the layout and say "for you".

In the action - place a chip or two with one of your bets and tell the dealer what you are placing for the dealer and where, or ask them where would they like to play a bet "for the dealer" and bet it there.

Out-right tip - place the chip on the felt and slide it past the betting circle towards the dealer and say "for you".

In the action - place the bet for the dealer outside the betting circle directly in front of your bet, or if where you're playing has the fortune bonus bet and you would like to bet for the dealer there and give them a chance at the higher odds, place the bet on top of your bet and indicate to the dealer that you placed one for them. (The chip must go on top of yours, as part of your bet because most houses will not allow a bet to be played for the dealer where the odds are higher. However, if you place the bet on top of your own, if you win, you can do whatever you like with that portion of it, including giving it to the dealer.)

Out-right tip - place the chip on the felt and slide it past the betting circle towards the dealer and say "for you".

In the action - place the bet for the dealer outside the betting circle you are betting (bank or player), on the right side of your bet.

Note: Remember, when you bet for the dealer, if the bet loses it goes to the house, the same as your bet, but the dealers still appreciate you getting them in on the action.